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Sunfire Orange Ghost Stripe

Sunfire, Orange Ghost Stripe


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Orange Ghost Stripe is an extremely diverse gene, it not only can create the sought after Cows, but some of the best looking combinations we've ever seen ! With the Sunfire gene added to the OGS, it creates a top 5 snake for us, the bright orange color with that gorgeous super clean pattern is unrivaled. Very few people are working with combo right now, so it's a great opportunity to make never before seen combos. When Albino is added into the mix, the result is unprecedented, super intense oranges and yellows, and there's still so many combinations we've yet to see ! Orange Ghost Stripes also get more intense and better looking as they age, these are without a doubt going to be show stoppers in the future. 

Sunfire Orange Ghost Stripe 66% pos het Albino Female
ID # OgsSu002F
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