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Albino Super Motley

Clark Strain Albino, Super Motley


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This combination of Clark Strain Albino and Super Motley produces an all white Reticulated Python with stunning ruby red eyes. These usually have a few blotches of yellow but have perfect white outside of that and are a perfect option for breeders and collectors alike. There's not much that stands up visually to these gems and since there all white they won't fade with age ! For the breeder, you'll be guaranteed a 'minimum' of a Motley 100% het Albino in every egg, talk about increasing value! Just picture breeding one of these with a Mochino Goldenchild, Mochino Sunfire, or Mochino Motley to make Mochino Super Motleys, remember every genetic will carry at least one Motley gene!

Albino Super Motley Male